Nowadays, we’ll be taking a look at one of the vital newest and best equipment on hand for that Android flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ll be on the lookout for equipment that offer further performance and safety, in addition to a little bit of fashion too. Let’s get proper into the picks!

On this article we’ll be having a look on the high 5 newest and finest very important equipment for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Android flagship telephone is proving as well-liked as its predecessor, so take advantage of its success and take a look at the wide variety of equipment on hand to it. Let’s get proper into our prime 5 picks, we could?

5. a-Jays One+ Earphones



Swedish design company a-Jays produce the first entry on our top five today, the One+ in-ear headphones. These provide an upgrade over the stock Galaxy S3 headphones in every area, with more powerful and clearer 8.6 mm dynamic drivers, a flat and stylish black TPE cable ending in a right angle jack and powerful software. The app, which is available for free from the Google Play marketplace, allows you to customise each of the five inputs – one tap, double tap, etc. – to control music and handsfree calls.

4. SuperGrip Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Compatible Car Pack



The SuperGrip is an excellent car pack for the Galaxy S3, made up of a case-compatible car holder and a car charger. The car holder will keep the phone in a convenient position when you’re on the go, while the car charger will provide enough power to ensure that you’ll end up with more charge than when you started, even if you’re using intensive apps like GPS navigation. The SuperGrip’s case-compatible nature also means that you can hold other phones in a pinch.

3. Dual Desk Dock for the Samsung Galaxy S3



This Samsung Galaxy SIII desk stand works well to keep your Galaxy S3 in an easy reading position, allowing to check incoming notifications or surf the web. Of course it’s also a charger as well, so your S3 is kept fully topped up. It also includes a second compartment in the back which will charge a second battery for the Galaxy S3 at the same time. Finally, you can use it to connect and sync content between your phone and PC.

2. Spare Battery for Samsung Galaxy S3



The Galaxy S III has one unique advantage over its rivals – the One X, the Lumia 900 and the iPhone 4S. It has a removable battery! Make use of that advantage with a spare battery and you’ll never go powerless again. If you’re running low, then you can just swap over the two batteries and be back up and running in less than a minute. The phone boots in just 25 seconds, making this a darn sight quicker than using an external or even wall charger.

1. Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover



The official Samsung Flip Cover is an excellent case for the Galaxy S3 that keeps the look of the phone intact, but adds a front cover that protects the screen and replaces the rear Samsung Galaxy S III cover with a more durable version. The Flip Cover is a brilliant piece of engineering, slotting in perfectly and adding a wafer-thin flip cover that provides a lot of protection whenever the phone isn’t in use. When it is in use, it just flips easily to the rear, a position that allows the phone to still be used in the majority of desk stands or car holders. There are few downsides to this case, and I heartily recommend it as our number 1 accessory.


And with that, we bring this article to a close. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve found something cool for your Galaxy S III! If you’ve got any questions or comments about the article or just accessories in general, then please let me know in the comments below and I’ll surely get back to you if I can. Thanks again and have a great day!


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