Top 5 iPad Mini accessories


The iPad Mini has captured the eye of the business and surpassed pre-order expectations, with Apple reporting a wait time of a number of weeks past the reputable launch date. Some persons are already queuing at Apple outlets neatly prior to this Friday, when the pill will probably be launched. Let’s take a look at 5 of the very best equipment that’ll be on hand when the pill releases – beginning now!

5. Tech21 Affect Snap with Duvet for iPad Mini

tech21 case

The Tech21 Impact Snap Case is one of the best protective options for the iPad Mini as it includes the company’s advanced D3O material, which provides more protection per capita than almost anything else on the market. The material is as soft as Play-Doh in your hand, and can be reformed just as easily, but hit it with a mallet (helpfully provided by the Tech 21 rep) and the material instantly becomes super rigid. Indeed, you can put your finger in the stuff, hammer away and you won’t feel a thing. It’s crazy stuff, and combined with a folding smart cover that serves as a stand the Tech21 is an excellent choice for the iPad Mini.

4. MFX Screen Protector for iPad Mini

mfx screen protector

These MFX branded screen protectors are brilliant for ensuring that your iPad Mini’s screen stays as fresh, clean and unscratched as the day that you bought it. The pack includes five screen protectors in all, so you can split ’em with a friend, replace them as they’re damaged or just have a few in hand for the application process. The pack also includes a cleaning cloth, so you can continue to ensure that your iPad Mini is sleek and shiny.

3. Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount

arkon headrest

If you’re sick of the high price of in-car entertainment systems but want something similar using your iPad Mini, then listen up. Just pick up a headrest mount like this one from Arkon, and you’ll be able to cheaply and easily fix your iPad Mini in a position where your passengers can easily access it. With games, film, TV, music and apps of all kinds, you’ll be able to access a wide range of content no matter where you are. A perfect accessory for anyone looking to keep their kids or friends entertained on long car journeys!

2. Griffin PowerJolt SE Coiled Lightning Car Charger

griffin lightning car charger

This native Lightning car charger provides 2.1A of power, allowing you to easily charge any Lightning device – including the iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPad 4 and latest generation iPod devices – without using a bulky adapter. The charger looks to be high quality, with a coiled cable that prevents clutter and looks professional.

1. Melkco Slimme Premium

melkco case

The Melkco Slimme Premium is a brilliant iPad Mini cover that looks brilliant on both the white and black editions of the iPad Mini. The case is essentially a high quality variant of the standard Apple smart cover, but available in a higher quality leather construction instead of the synthetic Apple originals. The case includes the same folding functionality, allowing the case to stand up the iPad Mini easily for typing or watching films. A brilliant case for anyone that prizes fashion and function.


The iPad Mini is a brilliant tablet to be sure, and I’ll be looking forward to see how they are received. I hope you found these iPad Mini accessories to be appropriate; in case you’ve obtained any questions or feedback let me recognize and I will feel free that will help you out. Have a excellent one!

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