Top 5 outdoors apps for iOS

I’ve just lately back from a commute to the north of England, and I’m feeling good about it – instead of my normal plan of doing no preparation, stumbling around blindly and then coming back, I actually went all out this time and planned my route and activities ahead. A lot of these were dictated by apps that I used on my iPhone, allowing me to not get lost and have a lot of fun in the great outdoors. Today, I’m going to share some of these apps with you. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Sometimes the best apps are the simplest, too. This app provides you with a nice list of all the things you might need when camping, just so you don’t forget anything like mosquito ointment or rain gear. While the functionality is quite basic, the app is simple to use and definitely will save your comfort once or twice.
Survival guides are brilliant books to read, but it’s rare that you’ll have the space to carry one with you when you’re actually out in the wilds. Enter the SAS Survival Guide app, which includes the full text of the book of the same name, broken down into sections, and also including extras like image galleries, videos, a compass and a checklist.
While Flashlight apps are a dime a dozen, this is one of the nicer ones. The app provides a super-bright screen, with options for different colours and patterns. There’s even a strobe effect. While there are no doubt many alternatives, just make sure you have one of these apps – there’s nothing worse than realising you don’t have one installed, whether you’re trying to find the lightswitch at your Hadrian’s Wall bed and breakfast (true story) or you’re out in the boonies.

Knots are an integral part of the camping and scouting experience, but what if you missed out on these essential lessons when you were a kid? The Knot Guide is here to rescue you, offering step-by-step illustrated instructions in tying knots of all kinds to meet all situations. Nice.
As I mentioned earlier, I was staying at a cottage on hadrian’s wall in Cumbria. The night time used to be taking a look beautiful bleak, so I checked the climate however it regarded effective. Tomorrow, I was once out and about and the whole lot used to be taking a look just right, after I got a notification – RainAlarm used to be letting me realize it was once with regards to to rain! Because of the early warning, I had sufficient time to switch my route and go to a close-by pub as a substitute of additional out into the nation-state, a transfer that saved me from getting sopping wet.
So there you might have it – 5 sensible Android apps to be used outdoor. Thanks a lot for studying and make sure you let me comprehend what you assume! Now if you’ll be able to excuse me, I’ve bought some touring to do!

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