Top 7 apps for iOS free on Memorial Day



As part of Memorial Day, mobile application developers have started to share free distribution of software for the iPhone and iPad.

They offered more games and apps that  can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store for a limited time . The normal price for those iOs apps range from $0.99 – $0.1.99 , except Splashtop 2 for iPhone which is   worth $9.99

Movie FX Cam ( $0.99. -> Free / iPhone and iPad)

Great application that enables you to use a variety of graphics filters  not only photos but also videos. Support all popular filters and effects , user-friendly interface . Short list of effects : Film Noir, Sepia Film, Black & White Film, Film Negative, Night Vision, Thermal Vision, Tilt Shift, X-Ray, Twilight, Ghost, Tron, Shiny, HDR.


Download Movie FX Cam here.

Altimeter GPS + ( $1.99 – Free / iPhone)

Altimeter GPS + serves as an altimeter and compass at the same time . The application helps to navigate , and also determines how high above sea level the traveler is . Alti is minimalist and lightweight design allows you to share information about travel with family and friends .


Download Altimeter GPS + here.

Game of War – Fire Age ( $7.99. – Free / iPhone and iPad)

In a strategic multi-player Game of War – Fire Age at first glance, there is nothing new . All players on the global map trying to build a powerful kingdom . However, the first thing that draws attention – a graphic design and visual style . So it is beautifully drawn. Actions of residents , the environment , weather effects – all perfectly animated and traced to the smallest detail . After creating a strong army can think about yourself and conquering neighboring territories .

game of war

Download Game of War – Fire Age here.

Splashtop 2 ( $9.99. – Free / iPhone)

Splashtop 2 is one of the most convenient and fast application to remotely access  computers with Windows and Mac from the  iPhone. Use the client to log into a computer on the local network with the highest quality video streaming . Get full access to all your applications, documents , email, full version of the browser with support for Flash, Java and games. In addition , the user has full access to your library and documents.


Download Splashtop 2 here.

movieStudio ( $2.99 – free / iPhone)

By using movieStudio, you can easily create beautiful slideshow of photos in iPhone. Expand into new talents , use the original  app features , create your own masterpieces.


Download movieStudio here.

InstaTiling ( $099. – Free / iPhone)

InstaTiling allows you to quickly create pictures collage and post them on Instagram.
The application is very simple to use: you have to select the first image, select one or more and add new pictures . Then you can save the grid – your iPhone camera roll or posted on the Web .


Download InstaTiling here.

Series Chop Chop ( Free / iPhone)

The seventh is not a single application , but a series of games from Gamerizon. All popular game projects Chop Chop, including Chop Chop Ninja World and Chop Chop Soccer is currently in the App Store for free . To find Chop Chop apps , do a search search on iTunes.

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