Developers of unofficial applications offer new ways to implement new features in the iPhone and iPad. This review focuses on the unofficial applications that owners will appreciate the flagship smartphones Apple. It is an iPhone 5s, equipped with a fingerprint reader . With the help of Cydia tweaks anyone can empower Touch ID sensor.

BioProtect: lock applications

BioProtect allows you to block applications in iOS 7 with a fingerprint reader built into the main button on the phone Apple. By default , the sensor automates the only access to the desktop and iPhone 5s purchase in the App Store and iTunes Store. With this tweaks, use the fingerprint module can also be to limit access to games and applications . For example, to lock Photos , iMessage or social networking clients .


This is handy in situations when you need to give your smartphone for temporary use of another person , but to restrict access to certain information on the device. Or, for example , if a person absolutely do not want to use the scanner Touch ID to unlock the smartphone .

iTouchSecure: Authorization on websites and applications

Implementing fingerprint module involves automating iPhone 5s two actions: unlocking the phone and authorize purchases in online stores App Store and iTunes Store. Why not use biometric data for other applications, such as social networks and official customer service or log on to sites on the Internet , I thought the developer SpiritOfLogic. Realize this was a matter of technique .


His tweak iTouchSecure assumes instantaneous authorization using a fingerprint scanner iPhone 5s. Enough to specify only once in the settings options accounts in social networks , services and online stores. All passwords are stored securely in a secure vault – analogue Keychain in iOS 7.

UnlockID: Unlock Mac

With UnlockID Eric Castro , you can unlock your Mac with a fingerprint reader Touch ID. Addon downloaded from Cydia and installed on the device like any other unofficial applications . In addition to this, we put a small client on Mac ( download link ) . Now, in order to bypass the lock screen of the computer will just touch the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s.

UnlockID-mac- 3

UnlockID lets you automate the input parameters in the mail accounts , social networking sites, online stores and other web service in the browser. Works in the same way : you have to put your finger on the scanner and Touch ID fields are automatically filled in the necessary information . Excellent solution for those who do not use password managers like 1Password.

Touchy: quick application launcher

Thanks Touchy iPhone 5s owners can use the integrated fingerprint reader to launch applications . Copyright tweak – developer Mitch Tris .


After installation on Touchy iPhone 5s in the OS settings , a special section with options to customize your favorite applications . Here you can add a program that will open when the scanning of a finger. Simple touch sensor Touch ID , the user can launch any application installed on your device .

Touchy works anywhere on the home screen iOS 7. Suffice it to “scan” one of the fingers and the iPhone will launch the program. For example, using the index finger , you can run App Store, middle – Camera and large – Cydia. Setting ” snapshots ” from standard operating system partition .

BioLaunch: launch your favorite applications

Informal development called BioLaunch flagship smartphones allows owners to use Touch ID module to run. Tweak the author is David McMillan .


BioLaunch borrows principle at work Touchy, but offers some of its functions. One of the special features of the program , which boasts a developer, called Auto-Set App. When activated tweak in the process of working with the most popular iPhone application defines and gives the ability to run it using the fingerprint scanner . Three other unique features – confirmation before opening the program using the pop-up window when scanning  and launching applications by double-tapping Touch ID.

AppScan: Application Protection

AppScan – another tweak that allows owners of iPhone 5s use the integrated fingerprint reader to protect your applications . The author is an informal tool programmer Ryan Petrich . Unlike BioLockdown, Applocker for iOS 7 and BioProtect its development extends to free basis.


AppScan is triggered when the user opens the program. Tweek blocks execution of software is not only from the home screen : protected software will be disabled for access of search Spotlight, multitasking panel , Notification Center , with the help of Siri , or from other applications.

BioLockdown: protection settings and click Manage

BioLockdown developed one of the most famous jailbreak developer Ryan Petrich applications . BioLockdown works almost as well as BioProtect – allows you to lock and unlock applications, settings and control point using a scanner Touch ID.


Developer BioLockdown rated at $ 1.99.

AppLocker: Application Protection

Quite an interesting solution , especially for those who give your iPhone to other users. AppLocker provides for block access to certain applications and folders on iOS- devices using regular password or fingerprint scanner iPhone 5s.


Install this extension to your gadget , and go to the special section AppLocker, which will appear in the system settings . Among the variety of modes , you will see a section with a list of installed applications and switches that allow you to activate the protection for each program. The selected software will run only when a codeword or using biometric module Touch ID. Need to specify a password in the Password.

Virtual Home: virtual Home button

Virtual Home allows you to use a fingerprint scanner iPhone 5s as a button Home. According to the authors add-ins , simple touch the main button of the smartphone can be used to perform system actions , and not just for unlocking or payments to online stores Apple.

Virtual-HomeThanks to Virtual Home users will not only effectively harness the power of your smartphone , but also extend the life of the button “Home”, says Moeseth . Instead clicks on the button the user will only touch the surface.

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