With Touch ID Apple offers in its iOS devices safe and above all simple authentication with the fingerprint. A recent rumor from the Far East now says that Apple also plans to use the scanner soon in other hardware.

To have learned to be integrated in the next generation of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad a fingerprint sensor.

In MacBooks, the alleged sensor is to be found above the touchpad. However, the lack of space between the keyboard and touchpad ensures doubts about this rumor. Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse is the fact that the transfer of the data must be done very safely.

An updated MacBook Air could already reach the market in late February. Over a 12-inch version for some time is discussed.

With Touch ID for MacBooks, iMacs, and Mac Pro,  Apple could offer its Apple pay service for the classic Mac and reach new customers.(via [Google Translate])

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