Touché Runs The Touch Bar As An App On Any Mac


touch bar

Eever since the last Keynote in October of this year, many Apple users are unsure on whether or not to buy the latest MacBook Pro, which includes Touch Bar as the main feature. Well, in order to satisfy many of our doubts about whether to opt for a purchase that is so expensive or not, Red Sweater has developed Touché, and it has ample possibilities to help us opt for buying or not.

Of course, more than a solution, it is a kind of patch. The well-known developer has launched Touché, a free application for Mac that allows us to simulate on our screen the Touch Bar of the new MacBook Pro. In this way, we can simulate almost perfectly how it works, understand if it really is useful and familiarize ourselves with the Form of use.

We are surprised to see that the developer has taken this application at no cost, for free. When installing the app, we can see a small window simulating the appearance of the familiar auxiliary bar, with different shortcuts, such as the ESC key or copy and paste buttons.

toucheJust as the bar actually works, Touché will change according to the application we are using. In this way, it will simulate the best possible to the real Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro Late 2016.

They can not promise an intensive support in case of errors in the app, but there is an email in which we can communicate if we had any inconvenience with the App. The developer agrees to respond in less than 24 hours.

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