TL-PB10400-1280-4With the development of technology and the simplification of the production model with capacious cells become more affordable, easier and more functional. Three years ago I would not have believed that such a capacious battery can be packaged in such a portable housing .

TL-PB10400 battery is rectangular, “stretched” in height form: looks like a router AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule, except that here the dimensions significantly smaller. Model would not prevent some catchy, bright name – but the product line is so saturated that the manufacturer  clearly has no time to come up with a name.

TL-PB10400-featuresn1At the end there are two full-size port USB. I think that in such a battery capacity that should be standard. The output power per port – 1A on another twice. Undemanding to power the device should be inserted into the port 1A and the iPhone and iPad – to the port 2A (the whole 5B). In the latter case, the charging process will be faster.

In addition to the ports on the end of a mini-flashlight – for those cases where the flash will give iPhone may fail in you the owner of this iPhone. Lamp lights up blue, enough power for search keys in the bag and lighting landing.

Plus the fact that this flashlight is working really long time due to a lethal battery inside. Check the exact date in practice proved impossible, if you continue to wear with a rechargeable battery. Pulled out of the bag, and everyone pays attention to the torch 🙂 Day worked without stopping, discharge is not shown – for me that’s enough.

Included with the TL-PB10400 traditional embedded micro-USB cable is white, and a small cloth bag for carrying. The glossy surface of the body is not strong brand, but may attract scratch by careless handling, so that the bag in this case would be very handy.

Cheap laptop battery is different from the expensive not only quality battery cells, but also the reasonableness of electronic components. In TP-LINK claim that this model is protected against short circuit, overvoltage and overheating energoperegruzki and keeps its capacity for 500 cycles of full charge / discharge energy efficiency at 90%.

To check the actual capacity and the energy loss at the output, “six” in principle charged only on TL-PB10400. Result: 4 full charging dying 3-4% to the ideal hundreds. Remaining battery to energize an indispensable iPod Shuffle, quietly hanging jeans for three years. As a result, the test passed with flying colors.

TP-LINK encourages smartphones owners charge within one day. This “battery” fit everything you need and very compact. In size, weight and possible models are attractive than my previous battery with the same capacity from a Chine. These dimensions will not argue, visually and physically nearly twofold difference.

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