With the advent of iCloud , Apple has stopped his former MobileMe provider. On it, customers had their mails (@ me.com, …), calendar, contacts, all saved on-line on Apple's servers. MobileMe used to be now not free, in contrast to iCloud providing the identical products and services at no cost. Folks who had paid their license need to be to switch all of the contents from one to every other. A job that appears difficult and lengthy. And but no, Apple has considered you (thanks Steve!).


To make the transfer, dear developers, go at Me.com / move  and find all the instructions that will guide you so you can not simple. Apple informed of the progress over the Photo Gallery, iDisk and iWeb will remain functional until June 30, 2012.


It was also noted that Apple now offers 25GB of storage default icloud , instead of the five predefined. This is due to storage as originally proposed MobileMe, 20GB.  MobileMe users who currently have 20 GB of disk space will retain this ability over the 5 GB icloud offered for a total of 25 GB to 30 June 2012. Then the conservation of 25 GB of data will be charged 32 euros per year. Finally, Apple said that developers to benefit from these service
s you must install Mac OS X 10.7.2 beta and  icloud beta 6.


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