Develop into Your Android Cellphone to a Pc With Ubuntu


Ubuntu has simply rating giant factors and even supply a tremendous benefit to Google Android. Indeed, the famous Canonical distribution is getting ready to simply run Ubuntu simultaneously with Android on all Phones by turning them into real desktops. There is obviously no question of replacing the Google mobile platform, but rather to complement the future . Knowing that this solution is increasingly becoming a standard and it may therefore be used on any powerful phone enough to rotate it, you understand immediately why many geeks must have shine eyes reading these few lines.




So how will it work exactly? Well in all likelihood, Ubuntu for Android will be released in the form of an application that will move our mobile Google Android. This tool will use also the core of it and of course they can operate simultaneously. Bah yes, it would be a shame that you can not take your call by transforming mobile terminal in desktop, right? Here, also, while we're at, you should know that this edition of Ubuntu will allow the user to take all their calls without any difficulty. Then, well suffice it to ask its smartphone on a dock with an HDMI and USB ports for connecting to the screen, keyboard and mouse.




Then a few clicks, you can easily find its configuration and start work. Apparently, this variation of Ubuntu will offer exactly the same functionality as the basic version, we can then install all the applications of their choice and work … at home. Interestingly, the OS and the mobile platform will be able to communicate together and all data will be unified . They therefore share the same address book or the same agenda.By default, Ubuntu for Android will ship with several applications: Chromium , Google Calendar , Google Docs , Thunderbird , Gwibber , VLC , PiTiVi , Ubuntu Music Player , Photo Gallery, Ubuntu and Android Dialer .

It will have a terminal offering at least a dual-core processor running at 1 GHz, 512 MB ​​RAM, 2 GB of storage, HDMI and USB Host mode. As seen on the picture above, a dual core with HDMI ports and decent storage  is needed in order to take advantage it.


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