Translucent Mod Kit For iPhone 5 [VIDEO]


iPhone-5-Mod-Translucent-2Against the background of a flurry of new products at CES 2013, iPhone5Mod also decided to do something new, not to mold another accessory with Lightning, and presented the first transparent public housing for iPhone 5. The set costs $ 40 and comes in 7 colors to choose from, as well as accessories to help you make your phone transparent, including all of the buttons, a slot for SIM-card and so on, except the front of the phone.

Always a great interest in modding the standard product. From the variety of docking stations and various cables apart is set, the purpose of which is to replace the rear panel and the side frame of the smartphone is fully transparent.

The development of the company iPhone5mod from China was called Translucent Mod Kit. The entire filling  now visible at a glance, and indeed device looks just fine and gets the absolute uniqueness.

Users are invited to set, which consists of the side panels, the rear cover, plot the tray card, volume keys, and adjust and mute switch. All these parts are absolutely transparent and in addition, you can choose the suitable color of the seven proposed. In addition, the kit also comes and transparent Lightning-port. You change remains opaque after only the front panel with built-in sensors in it.

IPhone5mod company ensures ease of assembly and quality of materials used. Leave fingerprints, and even more to scratch the surface of cells sverhprozrachnyh believe me, it will be difficult. Enterprising Kulibins from China offer to purchase a set of seven colors and costs $ 169. But for those who hurry  the Translucent Mod Kit for iPhone 5 can be found at the iPhone5mod retailer worth for $39.ninety.

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