It’s formally that there nonetheless no white iPhone four, however right here is clear iPhone four . The idea is to do away with the 2 glass surfaces of the cellphone and follow a thinner, and can cast off the black paint and expose the quite a lot of parts. The outcome is as interesting unique. To peer photos in the remainder of the article …


Everyone knows that Apple does not like that one traffic its products, whether on mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, but this policy also applies to the MacBook and MacBook Pro.Make the attempt is to take the risk, and even simply lose the warranty.


 Basic terms of reimbursement or replacement hard enough, but with an Apple product opened or modified, it is not worth a game yet … hope Chinese tried the thing, making the hull of his iPhone 4 entirely clear or almost! The method is rather simple, it has completely dismantled its iPhone 4, then he has spent in a diluent in order to blur the color black.


The result is relatively successful but then we like it or not!


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