donald-trumpDonald Trump and broadcaster posted on Twitter a statement that he sold shares Apple. He explained his action by the fact that the company still has not increased screen screen smartphones iPhone. According to him, falling stock price , fixed after the publication of the financial statement , naturally – Apple did not offer users a model with a larger display .

In April 2013, Donald Trump made ​​a formal appeal to Tim Cook with a request to increase the size of the iPhone. Today businessman tweeted that the drop in stocks was not a surprise for him .

“I am convinced that Apple ‘s share price dropped due blunt unwillingness to give users a choice of iPhone with different sizes , as did Samsung”, – tweeted Trump . He added that he sold his shares of Apple.

Apple shares fell 8.7% on the Nasdaq stock exchange opening Tuesday on the published results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2014 .


On similar dynamics influenced by several factors . First of all – though Apple announced record sales of 51 million iPhone in the quarter , analysts on average expected level of 55 million units . Sales of the iPod fell in the quarter by 52% in quantity and 55% in terms of revenue – to 6 million units and 973 million dollars respectively. Perhaps the negative dynamics of quotations in electronic trading has also affected Apple’s decision not to raise its quarterly dividend of $ 3.05 a share.

” Apple smartphone sales fell – they urgently need to move to the big screen (as I said before) . Samsung have this much better “- said an American businessman . – Steve Jobs would be turning in his grave – Apple has lost vision and momentum. The company must move faster to recapture the magic . “

Earlier, Tim Cook , commenting on the ” phablet ” said that to launch a larger iPhone, you have go to a number of requirements such as screen resolution , image quality , compatibility , and other applications . While the company does not find the necessary balance , the release of the “big » iPhone speech does not go down . Sources credited Apple plans to release two models of iPhone with a big screen in 2014.

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