Currently Windows 10 already has 15% of the market, a figure that has managed to get in just eight months and it continues to grow as time passes. It may seem little, but it really is an excellent achievement that other versions of Windows will cost more than twice as long, although it is clear that the method of distribution via the Internet helps a lot.

Anyway, it is also true that the adoption of a new operating system is always a very slow process, and a large portion of users of earlier versions prefer to wait several months since its launch, to let the first updates appear and go fixing errors that may occur during their first months of life.


Besides this, it is also common to want to try the OS before installation, in this case Windows 10, which can be easily done through the creation of a Virtual Machine. But now, those who want to see how Windows 10, have a new section on the official website of Microsoft for it.

Redmond call ’emulator’, but basically is a set of videos grouped into categories and sections, which help users become familiar with the ecosystem, understand how it works and what it can offer. All this, of course, unable to interact with the operating system itself.


This ‘online emulator’ lets see what the experience of using Windows 10 not only PC, but in tablet and smartphones, also showing us how to interact with the touch devices. Therefore, it is not a simple video capture what appears on the screen of each of these products.

Still, to try really how it works Windows 10 is still better option to install it on your computer, or at least use a virtual machine but not upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8. The best thing to do is always to format and install the operating system this way, to make sure you’ll have no problem.

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