Try out the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar on any Mac


Some users are quite skeptical about the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar introduced by Apple a few weeks ago. And it is logical because many are accustomed to the physical operation of the keys and the cursor.

If you are in this same position and would like to know a little better about the Apple Touch Bar, we recommend to try out this technology on any Macs.  You do not need to wait for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to reach the Apple Store or the home of that friend who bought the MacBook Pro.

Some developers have invented the Touch Bar Demo, a small application that unlocks the compatibility of macOS Sierra with the Touch Bar. What it does is to accommodate that new bar on the system to prove it of rudimentary figure using your mouse. It is not something that we will use every day, but at least we will have some figure to prove its operation.

touch-bar-hack-zip touchbarserver-menu-bar touchbarserver-open

First of all: you must have macOS Sierra 10.12.1 (Build 16B2657) installed, if not you can get it from Apple’s website. It is the specific build that the recent MacBook Pro have to run the Touch Bar, but you can download it from the link provided above.. If you have, then download the Demo and move it to the applications folder. When you open the Touch Bar , you will appear as follows:

 touch bar

There is also the expectation of trying the Touch Bar on iOS, but then you have to install Xcode and download the TouchBar.xcodeproj plan. If you do, you connect your iOS device to the Mac and select it as a TouchBarClient target in the Xcode plan.

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