TSMC reveals the first details of the iPhone 12 A14 processor


After announcing plans to produce the first 2-nanometer processors, Apple supplier TSMC unveiled the potential performance and energy efficiency of the A14 chip that we will see on the upcoming iPhone 12.

As reported by AnandTech, the iPhone 12 will feature the A14 chip based on the 5nm manufacturing process, currently the best available technology developed by TSMC. The A13 chip of the iPhone 11 uses a 7nm instead.

A 5-nanometer chip offers a number of benefits, such as reducing energy consumption by up to 30% and increasing performance by up to 15%. In practice, the processor of the iPhone 12 will consume less and offer better performance.

As the source explains, a trade-off between energy efficiency and increased performance to calculate precise percentages of improvement, with Apple tending to prioritize performance over power consumption.

To build the new 5-nanometer processor, TSMC has invested approximately $25 billion with the remaining goal of the exclusive supplier of Apple processors. In 2022, the first 3-nanometer processors should arrive.

Remember that, regardless of the performance of the chips produced by TSMC, Apple usually optimizes its software for further performance improvements. It is also possible that Apple may prioritize the optimization of energy consumption over performance this year.

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