TSMC To Be Sole Supplier Of A10 Chips For iPhone 7



This news comes directly from South Korea, Samsung hometown. The Electronic Times medium ensures that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, ie, TSMC will be the sole supplier of processors to take the next iPhone 7. Recall that the current A9 chip production has been carried out by more than one company, namely Samsung and TSMC.
After the arrival of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus there was a big controversy because of its processors, apparently chips manufactured by TSMC obtained better scores on the benchmark and its battery seemed to last longer. They even took an app to know what kind of processor you have in your iPhone 6s. The so-called “chipgate” was quickly discredited by Consumer Reports, which after several tests concluded that the differences were not as great as had been published.
As we read in 9to5Mac, the new A10 chip production will begin in June, so they would be ready for the iPhone 7, which will be introduced by Apple in September as usual. As always, before the release of a new iPhone, a few months ahead of rumors until presented.
Last year several rumors emerged about making the A9, first I would only Samsung, TSMC then, so caution must be taken with these rumors. Do not forget that there are still 5-6 months into production for the iPhone 7 so you can still change everything.
This is just the latest rumor about the next iPhone of Apple, but since we did echo other rumors leaked before. IPhone 7 it expected to have a new technology Dual camera, although we do not know if he would all models. We also analyze the following prices that could have the iPhone 7 and also that the camera does not excel of the phone body and a design without the antenna lines. And finally another important rumor is the exclusion 3.5mm port for headphones.
Caution should be exercised with rumors about the iPhone, every year there are numerous rumors and then a few of them come true. Hopefully Apple surprised again with his iPhone 7, although there are still several months to leave doubts.

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