TSMC to double processor production ahead of iPhone 7 release



There are few analysts and reports of iPhone sales are slowing in recent months. But new information ensures that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, better known as TSMC, will double its monthly production in March. As you all know, and if I will not I mention now, TSMC is the main manufacturer and, if the rumors are true might be the only A10 chip processor for iPhone. In addition, it looks like the iPhone and iPad Pro SE 9.7 inch submitted in March, so, at least for this month, we know the reason for this increase in production.

In the most recent meeting with investors, co-CEO of TSMC said processor market share of the Taiwanese company will increase from 40% in 2015 to 70% this year. No mention Apple, but the Cupertino company is one of the most important customers of TSMC, with Xilinx, MediaTek, HISILICON, Spreadtrum and Nvidia. Among the reasons why both Apple and other major companies opt for TSMC to manufacture their processors is undoubtedly its high manufacturing quality at a very competitive price.

Until 2015, Apple has been making increasing orders of all components iPhone. With all the information that investors shuffled and considering that Apple is its main customer, yes it is strange TSMC forecast. It is possible that the Taiwanese company knows about future plans of the company led by Tim Cook and increase in the volume of orders for some reason. If so, we might think that Apple relies heavily on their next Smartphone.

There are few rumors that the iPhone 7 will come in three different versions: an iPhone 7, an iPhone and an iPhone 7 Plus 7 Pro that would have special hardware, such as a camera with two lenses. In any case, only a new device should not increase both orders processors. Although you might expect Apple to sell more iPhones in 2016, it is also likely that TSMC will receive more orders from other companies for the great value offered by the Taiwanese company. As always, only wait until September to know at least what Apple has to say about all this.

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