How to turn off the “ad tracking” in iOS 6 on the iPhone and iPad


The sixth technology of Apple working gadget; iOS which used to be launched about two weeks in the past, along with a lot of enhancements and worm accommodates plenty of hidden options, which Apple would like that customers have no idea. One such operate, monitoring merchandising, screens the habits of the proprietor of the cell software.

Monitoring Promotion works with the unique provider within the running device iOS 6, which was called Identifier for Advertisers or IFA. It is unstable and not a personal ID device, which is used by programs, allowing the user to issue personalized advertising. As a result of this service advertising content, which sees the owner of a device running iOS 6, selected on the basis of his actions – surfing the Web, shopping apps and other digital content, etc. Thus, the advertising companies anonymously learn your preferences and displays ads that exactly match your interests.


Perhaps for many not be a surprise that some of the services on the Internet also monitor users. For example, the same way search engines work  with Google, which are selected personal ads on the basis of previous searches man. For example, if you enter the query with a variety of devices (for example, at first the laptop, and then from a mobile phone), after you log in to your Google, the search results page may appear by showing selling pizza.


In cellular units Apple ID of the concept of promoting is identical. Alternatively, gathering details about the preferences of the person in iOS 6 is non-compulsory, and is handiest in sure settings. To disable monitoring of promotion on the iPhone and iPad, simply go to Settings > Normal > About > Promotion and switch Restrict Advert Monitoring, Flip that “on”

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