tvOS10.1  jailbreak for Apple TV 4 release can become a reality thanks jailbreak solution for iOS 10.2 released two days ago by hackers. The information comes from another hacker named cunocscut and nitoTV it saying that some of the source code for iOS 10.2 jailbreak could be adapted to release a jailbreak solution for Apple TV iOS 4. tvOS 10.1 equals 10.2, so theory a jailbreak solution for Apple TV 4 would be available for those interested.


nitoTV not announced a possible date for the release of this jailbreak solutions, but probably not very many months will pass until she will be available for us, so we have to have patience.

In general, Apple TV 4 has not had the same attention as other products of Apple when it comes to launching jailbreak solutions. In this idea, including the release of this jailbreak solutions will require a bit of patience, so that everyone who expects the software will have to trust that software will come in a moment.

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