TweetBot, the  iPhone app has been upgraded to 1.1 .With two small interim updates, this is the first larger update, including support for landscape mode when writing, and viewing media webview. Also, the display of your location more precise. But really great innovations are still not even the much requested support for push notifications.



A few days ago reported Tapbots developer that they are looking at, but the complex and costly.

There’s also support for CloudApp images & videos, as well as various bug fixes:

  • Landscape support for media, compose and web views
  • Added user/hashtag buttons to compose toolbar
  • Improved accuracy of displayed locations
  • Tweet gaps now load above instead of below
  • Lists now sorted alphabetically
  • Login now handles email address or username
  • CloudApp image/video support
  • Improved hashtag picker
  • Fixed translation issue with British English
  • Improved saving behaviour for older devices
  • Various bug fixes

The developer therefore recommends Boxcar use. TweetBot now supports CloudApp for photos and videos, and lists are now sorted alphabetically if there is a gap between view tweets load this fall at the top now, instead of down. Useful extras popular Twitter app even more useful, but that still leaves plenty to be desired.

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