Tweetbot bought an replace a month in the past, with icloud synchronization and a mute filter. Now there may be any other new replace is to be had that accommodates a brand new element. Swipe your finger from proper to left throughout a tweet, you get the brand new monitor with conversations and solutions. On this reveal which you can with a brand new finger swipe (left to proper) return to the timeline. The dialog view additionally has a special seem to be, the place you hang a dialog and the solutions will also be viewed.


 There are also a lot of small improvements such as support for Arabic and upload high resolution photos when you're on a Wi-Fi network is. A few other examples: press your finger on the button a few seconds a new tweet to make it appear the last open draft. Are there Vimeo-links in the message flow, then you now see a thumbnail preview. And use your Droplr than Tweetbot supports that service now. 

 Many small changes so, that you'll have to get used to.But while there are no major new featuresThat you retweets of certain users can now disable is a nice addition, but nothing more.


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