TweebotTapbots just launched a more than fair and necessary updating for application of Tweetbot . Version 3.3 which is now available in the App Store, contains several new features , among which is a new “Font ” or source for the application name Avenir . This font is quite popular. In addition to this , the update also includes better management of muted users and support for pre – visualization largest image in the Timeline .

Tweetbot 3.3 is outNow when you use “Mute ” on a user on your Timeline , the application will ask if you want to remove all tweets that have in the Timeline that person , so you do not have to deal with the above on your Timeline. In the case of larger thumbnails, these ocian now virtually the entire space in terms of width of the tweet .
Twetbot 3.3 is a free upgrade for those who have already paid for the new version. Users without this , can get in the App Store for iPhone , iPod Touch for $4.99[iTunes Link].

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