The Twitter client Tweetbot 4 which was launched a few days ago to Tweetbot 2 for OS X and a new natural universal application for iOS with the name of Tweetbot 4 successor to the previous version . Criticized by many and praised by many others, today there is only one thing seems clear: Tweetbot is the best Twitter client today.

Tweetbot for patients of having an iPhone or iPhone 6s /6s Plus this is great news, because thanks to this latest update can enjoy 3D Touch Tweetbot also adding shortcuts icons and previews within the application with the press of a little more on the screen.

The icon of the application have a couple of interesting fast actions such as responding to the notification, see the activity of our own, tweet the last picture or write a normal tweet.

As for the functions of Peek & Pop, the new update allows you to view a preview of the links, see the profile of a user and more numerous internal actions. On the other hand, it notes that this new update brings new languages, now Tweetbot is no longer only in English, other languages have been added.

Remember that Tweetbot is available for iPhone and iPad at a price of $4.99. It is a universal application and this update is free. Finally, if you still have not found yourself with Tweetbot app these days, as it is in introductory offer because in a few days its price will rise to $9.99.

Download Tweetbot 4.0.1 for iPhone and iPad from the App Store

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