Tweetbot get sleep setting for push messages


Tweetbot has obtained an replace, which ensures that you simply don't keep up all night time and  by no means get messages after hours. Tweetbot has push notifications, which since the last update available to everyone (not just the beta group). The problem was, the app contains many options for notification of all possible events and do not want to always be informed if you like sleeping.



 You get to Tweetbot namely a push notification when a tweet is geretweet, answered as favorite regarded as a direct message arrives or when you get called (mention). Tweetbot now includes a sleep function so that you can tell exactly when you do not want to be disturbed.

You can also mute switch if you want to work concentrated. The timestamp can be set when the quiet time to go. There are other changes in the app. You can specify that you just push a message if you have a mention from someone who follows your own. 

Furthermore, when e-mailing a link right now the subject completed (ie the name of the Web page you want to send). Something else: to block unwanted spam messages disappear from the timeline.


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