Tweetbot: The new iPhone App for Twitter Never been Better


The appliance could be very full and features a decrease bar that has been utterly transformed, as you can actually see from the screenshots. In response to early returns, the app guarantees many options, in a cabin ” lighter “probably the most gorgeous impact.

Tweetbot incorporate the entire options anticipated in 2011 for a Twitter consumer, together with an summary of the positioning of messages and pictures in a tweet, or autocompletion for customers.

A yr in the past, Mark Jardine wrote a blog posting , which he announced that Tapbots had started a new Twitter app. Tapbots with earlier apps like Convertbot and pastebot become a crowd favorite, the design of the apps is a great example for other developers. Moreover, Tapbots show that for simple apps like a calculator or a conversion tool  just make money, but if you provide a sleek design and sophisticated features.



The timing of Tweebot could not be better. The free official Twitter app for iPhone lost his momentum last month when she was a dominant Quickbar placed on the screen. That is now removed, but users of the application face increasing burden of long boot time and slow types of personal messages. Tweetbot makes a stab at the role of favorite Twitter application on the iPhone. After a thorough test, we can say: it is certainly the sexiest Twitter client in the App Store.


The background color of Tweetbot is grayer than the bright white of many competitors. And buttons are not round but angular. From the first moment Tapbots developer clearly tried to do something extra with their new baby – but fortunately, this desire was not limited to appearance.Also, ergonomics is thinking about the app.



The most striking is the implementation of lists. Where in other other apps and Twitter itself are seriously its assigned role, since they are Tweetbot to call by simply pressing ‘Timeline’ at the top to click. A menu that can detect the different lists as new timeline can evoke. Handy if you just want to hear only the news from professional news organizations or people you know in real life example – though the list still at be created.



Exquisite in form and function are the swipe capability on a tweet. Swipe a tweet that starts with an @ to the right and see the conversation that preceded it built as a tower of bricks. Swipe a tweet to the left and you’ll see related posts. We have not detected in any parameters related messages are found. If ‘he does, the content is often similar. Prime Choice, but the point is we’re not entirely clear.



Clicked tweets do not appear on a new page, but are shown in the timeline. All links, usernames and hashtags are then blue and clickable. Of themselves they’re not, so the timeline looks pleasantly quiet. If you click on a tweet, then jumps a bar with five icons below the message screen. Let us call the tweetbalk. From left to right, contains the functions’ Reply ‘,’ Retweet ‘,’ Favorite ‘,’ Options’ and ‘Show tweet on separate pages displayed in clear symbols. Among the options are and then copy the link to tweet tweet copy, mail and translation tweet tweet. The profile of the twitter watch your avatar by clicking the button or in the Timeline without tweetbalk, by ‘double clicking’ on a tweet. That function is not to adjust. However, you can specify what the application sho
uld do if you three times quickly tap a message.

At the bottom of a profile page of a twitter icons adorn another. You can quickly see latest tweets from that person, the latter’s reply to that person (aardig!), and lists his favorites. It is equally difficult to see because the icons in the eyes tabbalden almost the same as in the normal tabs.

It’s just a small thing, but it illustrates well how about Tweetbot has been considered. Other options when writing a tweet, of course adding a picture, video or location. A voice is missing, but honestly: who has ever used that function? Links that are pasted in the message field will be automatically reduced to shortener of your choice. That’s like the photo and video service to indicate the Settings> Account. Incidentally, you can write a reply in the box pull down to see what his or her last tweet is. In the same way as you changed the timeline.

Icon_multiple One of the finest features of Tweetbot the last two adjustable tabs. By long-hold, change the function, with optional display of bookmarks, search capabilities, and lists retweets. In the latter case you can right of the screen indicating what ‘s kind Retweets be displayed: Retweets by others from your timeline, or Retweets Retweets own your own messages. The app then remembers that setting too. It is difficult to see who you have geretweet. Before you see a tweet on a separate page and select the drop down menu below “retweets. That ma
y be easier.

Unfortunately it is not the only issues to be considered at Tweetbot. So the app is not very fast at times. Especially with a weaker link is the response time of the application, sometimes very slow. At the time the app loads up comments, he shows the results of the timeline rather than see you mentions. That causes irritation because Boxcar, but required external free service for push notification, so sometimes mentions the much rather than pushing them into the application sees.

Icon_swipe If you click on the timeline from the comments or direct messages, the app seems almost to hang. Moreover, direct messages, you can not load in the background. So you should always wait until a private message was sent before you can twittering. Especially for the heavy user will have a considerable downside. Then there is the blue bar that tells you that a tweet is loaded. That he does that is helpful, but it floats on the top tweet even visible on the textbox when you write a new tweet.

When Tapbots announced that they were going Tweetbot busy, got the Twitter world upside down: Twitter bought the app then Tweetie and made it the official Twitter app for the iPhone. Here it seemed that there was no market for more third-party Twitter apps. Tapbots doubted whether they would continue to develop an app at all and whether they could ask for more money. Tapbots also was concerned by legal means or Twitter would ensure that all the Twitter apps for the iPhone were to disappear.

Icon_gestures Meanwhile, see the Twitter world again very different. Many people have upgraded to the official Twitter app, but it is not a success on all fronts.Twitter recently came negative in the news for the Quick Bar (aka # dickbar), an advertising bar at the top. The QuickBar has since disappeared, but Twitter was or reputation damage.

Tweetbot iPhone is different: not advertising, but all energy is put into making a design so well thought possible. Designers Paul and Mark were ever inspired by the movie character Eve from the Pixar animated film Wall-E. They were thus the idea to a group of iPhone apps to make that look like robots. Tweetbot fits in with this ‘product’ and has another four properties that distinguishes it from the existing Twitter apps.

  • Tapbots has not opted to swipe actions, but for tapping a Twitter message to an action to perform. When once tap displays a screen where you can retweet action and answers.Tapping twice shows the Twitter profile and tap-and-hold detailed access options. Three times is a tapping action you can specify, by default this is set to Reply.
  • You can change your Twitter timeline into a list. So you can easily filter for Twitter users you the trouble of reading are worth. You tap in the middle of the timeline at the top navigation bar, you can set one of your lists as timeline.
  • Each Twitter post is pulling sideways on the “elastic” means that you pull-to-refresh know.Pull your right, you will see the entire conversation. Pull your left, you see all the related tweets.
  • The buttons in the toolbar at the bottom are adjustable. You can create lists, Retweets, search and view favorite tweets.

These four functions are explained when you app for the first time. A review of Tweetbot you can expect later today on iPhone club. For now, we are especially curious what your first experiences.
Tweetbot is loaded with options, puts them in an intuitive way places and looks very nice. There are still some quite some (important) things to be desired and should significantly speed up, but it is inconceivable that a first version of a twitter client already so good. The momentum of Twitter for iPhone, or rather the old Tweetie as the application was called before, now seems over. And the joke is that Tweetbot exactly the same as pillar supports Tweetie then: it’s the sexiest looking coolly Twitter application for the iPhone.

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