Before the Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24, some accessories have been made available: Apple watch charging stand announced by Griffin and Twelve South.

WatchStand – is a holder for Apple Watch from Griffin, has to its credit one more interesting feature. It can act as a stand for the iPhone. In other words, you can recharge the watch and smart at the same time, setting the holder, for example, on the nightstand beside the bed.

WatchStand comes without any cables, so customers will have to use a complete charger Apple Watch, benefit Stand originally intended for him. There is a convenient niche where you can hide the excess wire. For iPhone such facilities are not provided, so the need to charge your smartphone directly from the outlet and WatchStand will act as a stand.

Unfortunately, WatchStand can not buy right now, as you can not buy a stand and 24 April. Release date yet designated as summer 2015. Cost of the Apple watch charging stand is $29.99.

Recently announced,  the second charging stand was Twelve South HiRise. Here, everything is much easier, the company is known for its Twelve South Stands and holders for any device Apple, including computers, so the manufacturer just introduced no less elegant accessory for Apple Watch.

Stand made of metal on it and the clock with an eye has the potential use – they are directed to the user. At the top of the holder for the device is charging magnet and wire hiding behind a special niche.

As accessory from Griffin, HiRise didn’t waste any time to start selling Apple Watch and will hit the shelves in May for $49.99. Probably due to the higher cost of materials , Twelve South is usually on top.


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