Twitter Ending Legacy APIs


Often , we thought about Twitter API compromising the full functionality of third-party clients dedicated to the well-known social network. The new and unfortunately expected update of Tweetbot, appreciated client of Tapbots, has arrived in this direction.

The development team, as announced a few days ago, has in fact released the new update that basically goes to remove many of the features of its client; just in today’s day Twitter will release the new APIs, interrupting the support to the previous ones and thus creating an incompatibility of some functions of Tweetbot.


I shared the following message with our Twitter team this morning— Rob Johnson (@robjohnson) August 16, 2018

No more Timeline Streaming over WiFi, which automatically refreshed the timeline with every new tweet, as well as no more push notifications in real time. Both functions will now be delayed for one or two minutes. The Activities and Statistics tabs have been removed from the app, and since the app for Apple Watch was heavily dependent on the activity data, it was also deleted.

Tapbots is obviously very sorry for an update that actually goes to remove features instead of adding but has nevertheless made it known to be actively working to find a solution and bring the app to the great glory of before. In fact, remember that Tweetbot is by far the most popular alternative iOS client ever.

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