The social community Twitter unlock an replace for its iPhone softwareThis model contains an overhaul of the iPhone model to practice your pursuits ever extra quick and simply. The revamped utility is split into 4 tabs: Residence, Join, Uncover, and Account.


The Home includes the tweets subscriptions. This is your personal collection of Tweets. You will find the latest news and comments from your favorite sources. Pictures, videos and Conversations are included to the tweets.

Connect, the new tab allows you to initiate the conversation. This is where you will see who followed, mentioned, retweeted, or set favorite. It keeps the conversation flowing.

When you get to Discover, you will see results tailored to suit your interests, your location, your subscriptions and what is happening in the world. Over time, your interests and discover learning provides personalized content. 

The Account tab includes your lists, drafts and saved searches. In addition, it now contains your messages exchanged with your subscribers. It's where you can stay up to date to your direct messages. The app can be downloaded in the App Store now for free

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