Twitter is considering the purchase of SoundSloud music service



Twitter is considering the purchase of music service SoundCloud, says Re / Code citing informed sources . Company officials declined to comment.

The publication suggests that if the deal goes through , it will be the largest acquisition in the history of Twitter. Previous record acquisition was firm MoPub, which is engaged in mobile advertising . The deal amounted to $300 million

Service SoundCloud, whose head office is in Berlin , allows free listen , download and share audio files. Website positioning itself as «Youtube for audio .” In October 2013, the company said that the number of users of the site is 250,000 .

After entering the open market in November last year , Twitter quickly increased its share price from $26 to $74.73 , however, after a slowdown in the securities of the company fell back to $32.36 per share. There are two objective reasons that may want to buy Twitter SoundCloud: firstly, Twitter itself has long had a musical plans , but so far has no experience in the music market (except for unsuccessful applications Music App), secondly , the company SoundCloud – it’s a quarter-million users worldwide , Twitter that could potentially add on to its audience.

Earlier this year, SoundCloud raises $60 million investment and the estimated value of the company, thus , reached $700 million

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