Even supposing now not but formally proven, there are rumors that the social community Twitter will cease the advance of Twitter for Mac, additionally there might be no future updates are launched.There are more than a few sources had been claiming to grasp that Twitter cease the Twitter utility for the Mac.

In step with TechCrunch, the improvement of the app already put cease and there’ll not updates are launched.

The information used to be introduced via TechCrunch's MC Siegler: "The rumored Twiter today decided that Twitter for Mac has no future. The application will still remain, but there will be no more updates to appear. Goodbye, old friend. "

This news seems to many Mac users as a complete surprise to come, there h
as been no update times longer released for the application, in June 2011 was the last update to make use of the Twitter integration with OS X 10.7 Lion. It seems that stopping the development of the application to the end of an era will mean. According to Siegler, the application will still remain available, but there will be no new features are added. It is a major change from Twitter for what duration will mean that the service only through the web browser can be achieved.

It will also be a setback for the proud owners of a MacBook Pro with Retina display and will not be support for the notification center of Mountain Lion. The site 9to5Mac remembered to mention that the Twitter application for MacBook Retina was ready, but was later canceled. It is unclear why this happened.


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