Twitter has simply liberate an enormous stir and the agency has tested a rumor that hit the net when you consider that this morning. Within the coming weeks, the micro-running a blog provider will certainly install its personal photograph-sharing provider , a carrier much like that proposed Twitpic and plenty of others. It’s going to clearly take a number of weeks to revel in this new function however at the least proves one factor: Twitter is decided to regain keep an eye on of its ecosystem and too dangerous for others!


For now, we are unclear how this new service will operate but it is likely that this is the same way or that Twitpic Yfrog. You click on a button, you select the photograph of his choice, add a message, valid and go! The photo is then sent to one of the servers of the company and a link is generated in the wake of history allow anyone to open wide and a little more and get involved in the lives of others . As can be seen in the video that accompanies this article, this feature is also available from both a mobile client that since the service itself.

And that's not all. What Twitter has also announced tonight, and what we can also glimpse in the same video, it's a number of improvements to its search engine. Outside the tweets and hot topics of the moment, it will be soon able to return your photographs but also video .This is important, it proves in fact that Twitter is about to take a new turn in its history. So far, the service was mainly used to communicate and exchange information quickly, these new features will give it a whole new dimension.

In fact, Twitter is becoming a real full-fledged media. We have seen with recent events that took place in Fukishima or with the Arab Revolt, the micro-blogging service allows users to exchange information at the speed of electricity and thereby reduce the zones shadow of our world. Clicking on a simple hashtags, and it will soon be possible to fully cover an event and even to live from our office by checking all text, images and videos related to them.

It's a good thing, obviously, but we can still have a thought for all services that offer this kind of functionality for many years. Services that will probably have to change strategy and that may in any case to pay a high price. Once again, Twitter proves to the world that can be very dangerous to base a business on a product that does not belong to us. And what is certain is that all third-party developers working with the Twitter API will have to quickly find other tracks because the firm does is likely to remain there.



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