twitter vdeo

twitter vdeo

Twitter unveiled on its website that enables users of its upcoming video service videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes are allowed to upload. Furthermore, upon the release no editing tools and advertising opportunities available.

A user of the social networking site discovered  that his Twitter site for the previously announced video service has been online stand. The FAQ on the video site gives  insight into many details, such that there is no size limit, but that uploaded videos not be longer than 10 minutes. Videos in the MKV container formats and .mov are supported encoding in h264 and audio in AAC format. Or later even more formats to be added is still unclear.

It is probably possible to add advertisements to videos. For now this is only possible for companies and content creators who are registered at Twitter within the Amplify program, but the faq suggests that ads eventually also be available for other users. Furthermore, the social-networking site insight into the viewing statistics. Tools in order to adapt videos are missing at the release, but may be added later.

The video is available on site itself, but is not usable yet: Twitter reports that the tool is only available to users who have their account is verified. No further information on when video for the rest of the user is available. This website and its faq are already online suggests that uploading videos is available quickly.

Twitter had in November already know  that it would provide a platform for sharing videos, making it so wants to compete with YouTube. The social networking site bought earlier Vine, a service to communicate short films of up to six seconds.

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