Twitter Update brings New Features on iOS and Android


Twitter has announced the update availability of its official mobile app for iOS and Android, which brings the return of a very popular feature: the swipe shortcut in actions and some other improvementsThis feature allows you to meet, tweet, bookmark or share a tweet by simply swiping a finger across the phone to display the buttons triggering different actions.


Coming of Tweetie, Loren Brichter of the application bought by Twitter, this feature eliminates the need to display each tweet to perform these functions separately.


  What’s New in Version 4.1

Changes are for iPhone only:
– Swipe shortcut
– Copy and paste for tweets and profiles
– Press and hold actions on links in tweet details
- Font size settings
– Direct Message improvements
- Confirmation alert for Find Friends
– Improved startup time and general performance improvement
– Improved image quality in tweet detail
– Accessibility improvements
– Profile shows whether a user follows you
– Verified badges in people search results
– New language: Turkish
– Lots of other polish and bug fixes

The official client now displays a notice explaining clearly that the function for finding friends on Twitter send some elements of the address book (phone numbers and email addresses) to the servers of the company, a response to the "case Path "Copy and paste back in its original form, as the ability to mark all messages as read direct.Finally, we can now choose the font size.

The application has also been updated on Android, and is being distributed in the App Store worldwide.


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