Types of SIM cards that use the BlackBerry


Many telephone firms international line up for the instrument BlackBerry . Every instrument makes use of an running machine designed for RIM BlackBerry lets in customers to regulate their e-mail and different on-line connections directly. The kinds of SIM playing cards utilized in these units, then again, range in step with the phone firm to which the instrument is finished, with some BlackBerry gadgets that don’t use SIM playing cards in any respect.


GSM BlackBerry

BlackBerry and other phones that are implemented at the network "Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM)" SIM cards used to store user information. Worldwide, most companies use GSM technology, so every BlackBerry purchased for use in one of two networks require the use of a SIM card. The GSM BlackBerry are blocked by the company, which means that a BlackBerry device that uses a SIM card from AT & T can not use a T-Mobile card and vice versa.

Unlocked BlackBerry

The exception to the rule of the BlackBerry blocked by the phone company is that the device is unlocked.Unlocked devices can be used with any SIM card GSM, no matter which company you bought. For example, some companies provide customers at least 40 days of active duty with an unlock code that will use their devices with other GSM network SIM card. This means that the unlocked BlackBerry devices can be used with any SIM card, regardless of the phone company.

CDMA BlackBerry

Another important type of mobile network phones in the United States is "Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)." Some U.S. mobile providers use CDMA technology which does not use SIM cards to store user information. Any BlackBerry acquired in a CDMA network can not use any SIM card.

Location and identification of SIM card

To determine the type of SIM card that holds your device BlackBerry GSM , open the cover of your battery compartment and remove the battery to reveal the location of the SIM card. Now slide the SIM card out of its slot to determine the type of SIM card in your device

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