Typo 2 physical keyboard for iPhone 6 went on sale



Although ran through some issues, a physical keyboard case for iPhone Typo still managed to overcome all difficulties on the way and got to the counter. Now a version of an accessory for iPhone 5 / 5s added modification for the iPhone 6.

It all started with an ambitious project Typo Keyboard Case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s in 2013. Original accessory is definitely a bright future, but then intervened in the case BlackBerry. The fact is that the keyboard is too Typo resemble those in smartphones Canadian manufacturer, which resulted in a lawsuit that BlackBerry with success and won. However, the creators Typo were not ready to give up so easily and quickly presented to the public Typo 2 with a modified keyboard, which eventually went on sale.

A few days ago, an official announcement Typo 2 for iPhone 6. The essence of the accessory has not changed – it’s all the same protective cover in the form of the bumper that protects the back of the smartphone and edges. Directly below the display design Typo implies a physical keyboard, which closes the Home key and sensor Touch ID, and extends beyond the bottom of the device.


Cool ergonomic buttons, peeped from BlackBerry, has been replaced by a flat and perhaps less comfortable counterparts. However, his initial task Typo 2 performs. Cover with a physical keyboard replaces the analogue display and allows after some practice typing on the go, without looking at the screen.

Typo 2 for iPhone 6 will go on sale Dec. 15 for $99. Version champions of previous generations are still on sale for $79. Currently, the creators of the cover keyboard work on a brand new version for iPhone Typo 6 Plus, because the existing design brings sizes phablet to indecent. Nevertheless, the prospects look Typo 2 more vague after the support side of the keyboard in iOS 8. To order the iPhone 6 keyboard go to typokeyboards.com

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