The media got memo Administration U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, which refers to one of the February investigation. The document specialist DEA complains “impossible to intercept messages sent through iMessage between two devices Apple» even with a warrant signed by a federal judge.

Cnet got leaked an internal DEA document, which complains about iMessage. The reason: It is impossible to intercept messages from iMessage.

Encryption used in Apple’s iMessage chat service has stymied attempts by federal drug enforcement agents to eavesdrop on suspects’ conversations, an internal government document reveals.

The DEA is a U.S. government agency, which has made ​​the fight against drug trafficking in the United States to give up. In order to unmask the perpetrators, often have the interception of telephone calls or intercept SMS are applied. But in the current case has been encountered in court on granite. Although, the judges found the release to intercept messages between two devices, but in Apple’s iOS 5 eingeführtes service makes the criminal investigators thwart the bill. It’s much harder, regrets the DEA, iMessage intercept `s, if not impossible. The government must now to fight against drug trafficking carry the so-called middle-man attack or Janus attack, which is much more difficult because you do here has to shift directly between both partners. [9to5Mac]


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