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The most popular private transport service Uber decided to completely redesign its applications interface in order to provide better service by adding new features that surely means many users will like.

This new version of Uber app radically change the design in order to provide an application that is both faster and intuitive to the user, in addition to immediately show their location and cars nearby, now a section with the added question: where? In order to find the destination immediately and make the request of the car.

On the other hand, the selection of categories between selecting the type of car, has also been improved, and now you can simply slide the options on the sides to choose from, Uber Pool Uber X or Uber Black, as they see .

The application also improved its intelligence and now generate a pattern of use in order to provide the most successful destination immediately, that is, if a person every day calls at six in the afternoon, a Uber to go to your home application when being opened in the near time at six, the option to route to the house.

This also works when a person applies for a Uber to go to a specific place such as airport; the application will begin offering this as an option to choose destination immediately. It comes a new feature called Uber Feed, which integrates diverse information and services by third parties as Snapchat or Yelp.

This new section is available while the user is on the way, with just swipe down, the application will display a series of “windows” which can show ratings somewhere nearby on Yelp or consult the recommendations of Foursquare, use Snapchat application, among other functions.

As for compatibility with your brother food delivery service, UberEats, the application integrates a new feature in the section Uber Feed, with the possibility of being able to order food from this section without the need to switch applications.

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