Uber continues to grow despite criticism and protests professional transport sector. The company, far from stopping its activity, has decided to increase its services and announced UberPool, a tool that will allow customers Uber share costs with others who have the same path.

In recent months Uber has become a platform for managing the procurement of vehicles in the city. Through a simple mobile app, Uber has managed to convince users, growing considerably. Uber’s expansion, both in terms of volume of users and countries in which it operates, has not been without controversy. Professionals in the world of transportation have expressed their discontent with the arrival of Uber and there have been strikes and demonstrations against him.
Uber allows hiring vehicles for transporting passengers, which directly affects sectors such as taxi.

The service adds aspects like the possibility of qualifying the driver and options for selection of vehicles, which have driven its success will increase. To remain so, and against the criticism of the professional sector, the team announced UberPool Uber.
This is a new option in Uber based on the trend of ‘carpooling’, which consist of finding users sharing the same track to share costs and save costs. Currently, different platforms ‘carpooling’ operating in Spain, sharing trip as the most recognized.

UberPool is that, to facilitate Uber customers a platform to locate other people who need a vehicle for a route or path similar to yours. UberPool offers the possibility of connecting these people to hire a vehicle, to share expenses. The aim is to provide a tool that provides a mechanism for savings to users. So far in testing .

UberPool can be very useful for Uber customers, who can now enjoy the same service at lower costs. The idea is that UberPool function as a kind of social network within Uber, giving the ability to search for contacts when it comes to looking for a vehicle. The service is integrated into Uber, so that customers would be free to find fellow travelers or to the recruitment of the journey alone.

UberPool can help whether facilitates to share costs or not.  UberPool is in testing phase, limited to the United States only. However, the idea of ​​the company is that on August 15,  the beta of this new service will be finalized and will gradually reach countries where Uber serves.

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