Ubuntu TV, Ubuntu on your TV


We knew that Canonical would existing one thing at CES 2012 but did not know what. Some, like me, thought that we would enjoy a demonstration of the famous port of the distribution of our mobile terminals touch but it was not. No, actually the company has managed to surprise us by revealing Ubuntu TV , a derivative of Ubuntu imagined, conceived and designed for televisions connected . 

Canonical seems determined to walk on the flower beds of Google TV and this may be of interest to all supporters of free although it will probably be several months before you see land televisions equipped with this new distribution.


And it is far from done since the first TVs to ship Ubuntu TV will probably not be released before the end of the year. Suffice to say that we have so little information about it. Apparently, Ubuntu will allow TV Geeks (and other, after all, Canonical has always sought to touch the hearts of the general public) to access various web content such as YouTube and it certainly will carry a web browser to allow us to surf from our couch. No doubt also that the system will incorporate a system of deposits to enable users to add all the tools of their choice.Finally, if the open source community decides to play the game, this new platform could grow quite rapidly.

Note however that the CEO of Canonical, Jane Silber of her first name, said during the presentation that China and the United States would be the first country to take advantage of Ubuntu TV. However, the company has not signed any agreement with major manufacturers on the market but discussions are ongoing. That said, knowing that the platform will be completely free, no doubt a lot of firms are likely to pounce when it becomes available on the market. And we'll even end up with a short video of the beast.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq_WaOLjdyQ]


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