UK residents can now pay with contactless payment systems worth up to £ 30 without the need for a PIN. This figure increases by £ 10 above limit, until today, was £ 20 and you can also use mobile payment systems like Pay Apple and contactless cards for transactions throughout the country. The UK Cards Association (UK cards), who has been responsible for the change, says the new limit exceeds the average expenditure in a supermarket as well as payments in pubs, cinemas and gift shops, among others.

Data from the UK Cards Association shows that contactless payments in the UK are increasing. In the first half of 2015 such purchases were worth 2,500 million pounds, more than in the first half of 2014, which totaled 2,320 million pounds.

Pay Apple launched in the UK in July and the limit has been extended today, so that the above data can only increase. The Director General of the UK and Ireland says contactless payments have become “the new normal” in the country of islands.

Now the question that remains to be seen is how long the new limit of £ 30 will be maintained. In the US, Apple Pay has no limits for transactions, but the iPhone has a point of safety by identifying with the fingerprint. In the UK, many people use contactless cards to pay without any authentication, so that the limit exists to prevent a legitimate user does not make use of them.

Some UK stores had already been working with terminals operating with higher limits for apple pay, but the increased limit increases the limit today officially nationwide.

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