Img Umoove, over the past four years developing tracking technology perspective of the user , said that it is ready to provide its services to any companies , including Apple.

Startup put a lot of effort to teach mobile devices to track eye movement and head position . Innovative technology relies solely on the mobile device front-facing camera and special software algorithms undemanding hardware resources .

Image from the front camera of the iPhone or iPad is analyzed in real-time and converted into control commands . Moreover, calculations require only about five percent of the CPU time , so the hardware resources of the device can be operated under the main task – to say, rendering three-dimensional graphics .

Applications that use the tracking view , could fundamentally change the way people use gadgets – much simpler web surfing and reading books will be plenty of opportunities for game developers say in Umoove.

“Tracking head and eye movements allow precise control iPhone and iPad», – say the developers of technology. Head movements , users can implement scrolling pages and zoom, eye movements can select objects on the screen , move them around , draw. Nod can confirm actions in the dialog boxes .

To demonstrate the capabilities of the technology the company developed an application Flying Experience, in which the main character is invited to gather “energy” bubbles with purple fluid motion in the air. During the game on the iPhone and iPad does not appear absolutely no delay , and the response to head movement is not satisfactory. Moreover, the system is equally good as a brightly lit room , and under the shadows .

In Umoove expect that third-party developers interested in technology and will enhance its support in their programs . Available to them for this development kit , which contains modules FaceSDK EyeSDK and to control the position of the head and eyes , respectively. While there is a set in a version for iOS, in the future there will option under Android. Download Flying Experience is possible on the iPhone and iPad here.

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