No need to remember again what are the emojis, is that we talked about at long time and hard about them in this article in the section behind the apps. There is little doubt that they are a normal part of daily communication for many people, which explains the appearance of proposals as Imoji SDK. Indeed, in this article we will have as protagonists the emojis, and is today an important development has occurred for the most passionate of these drawings and technology. To be more exact, related to the Unicode Consortium and its namesake standard.

As TheNextWeb mentioned yesterday,  the new version of the standard, which is specifically Unicode 8 was approved. Are you are wondering how this affects emojis? Well, the answer is that Unicode is responsible to regulate them, and the recently approved version includes 37 completely new emojis to the delight of those who most enjoy using them to communicate. Although less important than the inclusion of almost 40 new drawings should also be noted that in May emojis known, they have undergone a facelift.


Among the new emojis, there are some as curious as a taco, a unicorn, a burrito, a crab or some popcorn. Now we just hope that from Google, the suit Android. What is not known is whether come to Android Lollipop or otherwise be limited to Android M. Once they are included in Android, may be used in my IM course, among them we mean WhatsApp – which recently I talked to account for their next potential roles – Telegram, Hangouts or Facebook Messenger. Although not a critical update to the system, the range for communication is always welcome.(Source: Unicode)

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