Many installed the first beta of IOS 10 and hoping to find new Emojis, however, true that are not yet available. But do not despair, will be available in the next betas. And for that you may be making my mouth water, a summary of the 72 new Emojis that will be available with iOS 10 we bring, that if, forget the Emojis of rifles, as well we have had before, Apple and Microsoft launched a campaign to eliminate these Emojis, so will not be available on iOS devices.

emoji-iosFrom a clown, to a cowboy. That if one of the most wanted to see me was to see the classic “Facepalm” although I would have liked more round face, and which have not, it seems too forced. If you have many problems with the use of male or female Emojis they should do all sexless, like the smiley faces that appear at the beginning. On the other hand, there are others that were necessary as the Emoji simulating constantly vomiting or drooling. In addition, 10 will bring iOS settings that expand the size of the Emojis, so we can see them much better. The video below is a courtesy of Emojipedia YouTube channel.

Let us know in the comment box what your favorite Emojis of these 72, and what you miss. At least we have a nod to Spain in the “paella” who have decided to include. The reality is that we find an excessively high number of Emojis, which we never used, and it seems that this does not stop.

It will come a day when finding a Emoji is an odyssey, like when you start looking for a flag and there are almost 192 included.

(Source: Emojipedia)

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