University Of Oklahoma Now Accepting Apple Pay Across Campus



Pay Apple’s growth in the United States is slow but steady, considering that Apple seems to have focused only in the country to expand the service, as they usually do large companies, leaving aside other countries where devices may already be using it. Currently, if we remove the US from the list, only in the UK,  users can make payments with Apple Pay technology, launched last October. Currently more than 1,000 businesses in the United States and hundreds of credit institutions and accept this new technology to make payments instead of using the traditional way of payment in the form of cash or credit card.

The University of Oklahoma is the first among more than 700 schools adapting this technology that can be used both to pay in restaurants, library, soda machines, cafes as well as 400 different locations spread throughout the Oklahoma campus. In presenting this new technology the university has created a list reasons so use this technology is so amazingly comfortable and safe compared to other form of payment.

During the presentation of the latest financial results for the last quarter Apple, Tim Cook said at the University of Oklahoma, along with Kentucky and Auburn as a role model for other universities. Presumably, the University of Kentucky and Auburn are the next to implement this technology across campus, to streamline all transactions are conducted daily at the university. Let’s see if Apple is encouraged and bargain with more countries to rapidly expand this technology in countries where payments are not yet scheduled its implementation.

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