Unknown iPad model with A6 series chip appears in logs



MacRumors came out with a remarkable novelty, the website would have talked to a developer who claims to have proof that an unknown iPad has been spotted in the log files of its application. According to the developer makes this new model also uses a processor that is based on the ARMv7s architecture, a remarkable fact since the iPhone 5 is equipped with the Apple A6 chip which is based on the same architecture. It could possibly mean that Apple is currently developing an iPad also uses this processor.

When we look at the model number then it seems that the iPad3, 6 a new version of the iPad with Retina display (iPad 3), the current models have the model number iPad3, 1, 3,2 and iPad iPad 3 three inherited. These models differ in 4G and Wi-Fi only. The news would confirm the rumors that Apple is planning to develop new version of the current iPad , and given the use of the Lightning connector might be possible that Apple connector also want to use for the iPad 3. In our view, it does not seem obvious that the iPad 3 also will use the new A6 processor of the iPhone 5, because how do you sell this change to customers earlier this year have paid a lot of money for what one lesser iPad turns out to be.

It seems further also not obvious that the new iPad will concern, because this will probably be the model number iPad4, 1 entail. The expectation is that this new iPad will also make use of a slightly higher clocked Apple A6 processor, but this model will only sometime in March or April next year to be released. And what about the iPad Mini? Could the iPad 3.6, the existence of the smaller and cheaper iPad confirm? The risk is very small, since the iPad Mini will use the hardware of the iPad 2, a cheaper processor (Apple A5) and no resolution Retina display. According to the developer would rather an iPad2, 6 past have come up with an Apple A5 processor.

Source: Chipworks

So we will have to see what these findings to mean, earlier this week there were already rumors that Apple on October 10, invites will likely be despatched to a media experience the place the iPad Mini will probably be introduced and would additionally produce the smaller iPad have already begun .

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