Unlike Android, iPhone users are fully protected from malware



New families of 275 of 277 malicious software has been created for Android operating system, at the same time for the iOS platform in which virus creators have not released any ” malware ” , reports F-Secure Labs.

The company engaged in security issues , published a report for the first quarter of 2014 on threats to mobile platforms. According to the document , from January to March was discovered 277 new families of malware and viruses existing varieties . 275 of them are created for the platform Android, two – for Symbian. IPhone and iPad users can sleep peacefully – for iOS not been any ” malware .”

Most of the detected threats – Trojans . Other malicious applications aimed at Android, – are Trojans , spyware , trojans, downloaders , monitoring tools , exploits , tools for hacking , Trojans, droppers and spyware.

This week it became known that the official online catalog Google Play was discovered more than a dozen applications that are masquerading as legitimate software, engaged Mining Bitcoin virtual money on infected ” googlephones .”

Bitcoin Mining procedure requires considerable computing power , so attackers are trying to create a distributed computing network , in their own interests to begin production virtual crypto money. Until recently , Bitcoin Mining was the procedure which involved servers and desktop computers . However, the low security Android- turned ecosystems that mobile devices have become used as a mini – computers for generating cryptographic calculations.

Users who have already installed Android- App Beating Heart Live Wallpaper, Mens Club Live Wallpaper, Epic Smoke Live Wallpaper, Urban Pulse Live Wallpaper and Anime Girls Live Wallpaper, are advised to immediately uninstall them and check the system using a mobile antivirus.

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