DetailedBattery-Usage-1024x908 (1)

DetailedBattery-Usage-1024x908 (1)


Some time ago, we talked about a secret menu that was discovered by a famous developer and hacker when iOS 8 was just a beta version in August , this hidden menu allows monitor more fully and through graphics consumption battery iPhone. With this hacker and a new tweak, it is now possible to enable free and any iPhone this menu, with which we can always keep in check the charge level and the consequent consumption makes our device with iOS 8, of the battery.

Guide to activate hidden graphics menu for monitoring battery on the iPhone running iOS 8

For those users who do not know, Apple during the development of the first beta versions of iOS 8 which arrived during the month of June, he had added a secret menu which lets you control graphically consumption battery itself device, a feature exactly which users can do with their Android devices. Despite its great potential, it seems that the guys at Cupertino decided to remove this feature as one of the new features of iOS, probably in order to optimize it and present it as a new feature in future versions of iOS.

Anyway, today I will explain how to activate the secret menu to monitor the battery consumption in IOS 8. First of all it is important to have an Apple iOS device 8 or higher and Jailbreak, if you meet this requirement then we leave to activate the entire procedure.

For this we will:

Open Cydia and wait for the usual update repositories.
Once this is done, look for the “DetailedBatteryUsage” package and downloaded. It is free.
Then click on “Install” and then “Confirm”.
After configuration of the package and a quick restart of your iPhone, this modification is already installed.
Now we can see all the details of the battery usage, with graphics like those found in the images that we leave then, so it’ll just have to agree to:

Settings> General> Usage> Battery use.

Download DetailedBatteryUsage iPhone


If you are interested in this tweak, you can download DetailedBatteryUsage directly from the BigBoss repo through Cydia for free. In order to install this tweak is necessary to have a Jailbroken device, we leave you with our guide to make it from Mac and Windows, in addition to needing an internet connection to download the package. This tweak is compatible with iOS 8 and later.

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