Unlock iPhone becomes illegal in the U.S. Starting this weekend



Validity of a number of amendments made by the U.S. government in the “Law on the Protection of Copyright in the Digital Age” (DMCA), expires this saturday January 26.

Amendments to the law DMCA, to legitimize the so-called Unlock, that is hacking the phone to remove the binding to a specific mobile service provider shall cease on Saturday – an illegal operation.

As it turned out, in October 2012 the first Congress added unlocked phones without the knowledge of the operator to the list of prohibited activities in the so-called “Copyright Law in the Digital Age» (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DMCA). The new rule takes effect immediately, but after 3 months – and it expires tomorrow, 26 January.

Currently, iPhone is available in the U.S. in the networks of three U.S. carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint – device is sold with a SIM-card and with a contract obligating the owner to use the services. This prevents sell such phones “with hands”, especially in countries where the U.S. operator simply does not work. Therefore, the market many machines are in the process unlock with UltraSn0w and other decisions, such that they could use the “Sims” of any telecommunications company.

Now the restriction on unlocking again becomes relevant: cell phone users, including the iPhone, is not officially have the right to unlock your device, so it can work in any network carrier.


Actually, the unencumber used to be canceled every other 26 October, however on account of the ninety-day “grace duration”, the ban on unofficial free up iPhone comes into power this weekend.

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