Unlock your Jailbroken iPhone with ShakeToUnlock


ShakeToUnlock is a brand new tweak to the creator of Monitor Dimmer Firewall and IP that permits you to test

your iPhone (or iPod contact) to liberate a shaking motion. The tweak additionally works because the display of the 

iPhone is off, or in sleep mode. You should use the tweak settings additional undim simply select the choice for 

the monitor to focus on, as an instance, customers or Cydget Lock Information. When a change hears tweak the favored 

utility SBSettings.



To ensure that your iPhone or iPod Touch you accidentally unlocked, you can use to tweak the sensitivity

settings of the set, the amount of time that the iPhone or iPod Touch should be unmoved, or the choice of 

two separate shaking movements within three seconds. Default after you install any access no longer 

need to fill, but this lets you change the settings. Finally, you can choose to tweak only available when 

the iPhone or iPod Touch is charging, to avoid getting an unnecessary strike against your battery.


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